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  • Individual Therapy

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    Is this you?

    Lenny walks around feeling and looking lethargic and passionless. She seems to think the best of her years have passed her by. The things in her life that used to bring joy and confidence, no longer seem to matter. She’s come to believe that being an adult is all work and no play.

    She feels disconnected from herself and from others. She’s irritable and impulsive at times. Lenny is dissatisfied in her life. She does not feel fulfilled and wonders if it’s just a myth.

    Lenny’s family notices she doesn’t seem to have energy, seems bored, and distant.

    Lenny often ruminates about her past, sometimes idealizing it, sometimes regretting choices she’s made. Lenny seems unaware that the choices she’s making presently have more to do with her unhappiness. She often wonders, “what’s the point.”

    Do you feel like you’re operating in autopilot, not aware where time goes?

    Do you find yourself fantasizing or ruminating often, but nothing gets better?

    What’s the cost of inaction?

    Lenny “lets herself go” physically and health wise.  She ends up feeling worse physically, about herself, and about her future.  She occasionally finds temporary comfort in numbing her emotions through distraction or overindulging. She’s less confident, more resentful of those who seem to have it all together, and sometimes even makes terrible choices to “escape,” making things worse for herself.

    Lenny finds herself dragging herself to work, but finding no meaning or purpose in it anymore. Lenny seems to become less and less tolerant to stress. She feels extremely guilty when taking time off to rest, and doesn’t use that time in a way that helps her feel better.

    The alternative.

    Lenny sought individual counseling when she noticed she needed help. She took ownership of her life and identified areas she wanted to work on. 

    Lenny found relief in sharing her struggles instead of hiding them.  She found support in learning she wasn’t alone in her struggles.  She found hope in remembering past successes and identifying a clear action plan to get to the life she wants.  Lenny’s honesty with herself, allowed her to find herself again and connect with people in a genuine way.  Lenny no longer feels threatened by other’s happiness and confidence, but encouraged by them.

    Lenny has found the confidence to know that even when things get tough and she loses her way, she can find her way back, more confident and wiser.

    Get out of your own way and take the first step to a genuine life. Like a bird, your confidence lies in your ability to fly, not on the “branch” you’re standing on. You were created to be YOU and share your joy. We can help!

    I can help you by:

    • Improving your sense of self.
    • Clarifying your values.
    • Developing healthy boundaries.
    • Helping you achieve a clearer vision of the future you want.
    • Helping you identify the steps towards that future.
    • Reducing envy, resentment, and conflict in relationships.
    • Improving your communication skills.
    • Improving your confidence.
    • Reaching a higher level of self-acceptance.
    • Creating more flexible thinking patterns to improve compassion for self and others.

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