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  • Women’s Support Group

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    As women, we face special challenges, including balancing our roles as wives, mothers, daughters, friends, our careers, amongst other significant roles.  We often take pride in our relationships and caregiving, yet take ourselves for granted, inadvertently minimizing our own needs and strengths.

    It’s no wonder we’re often left feeling drained, alone, and unfulfilled.

    The Women’s Support Group is a process group where women get to share their struggles and wins, and find support and encouragement in one another.  The group will focus on whatever the group brings as a presenting issue and will provide you with general skills to address these.

    Issues Addressed May Include:

    Healthy Relationships:  Learn about boundaries, positive communication skills, and conflict resolution skills.

    Mental Health and Well being Maintenance:  Learn how to identify signs of stress early, positive coping skills, and how to regulate your emotions so that you can respond vs. react to situations.

    Mindfulness Skills:  Learn how to stay in the present, increase self-awareness, savor simple pleasures, increase fulfillment in life, make mindful choices, and protect your inner peace.

    Life Balance:  Learn how to run your life more smoothly, based on your most important values, and stay accountable and authentic.

    …and much more.

    Cost:        $40 per 1 hour session.

    *This is an ongoing open group. Call to find out about time and day.  Space is limited to 5 people per group. You may book sessions in advance to ensure your spot.

    If at any time you require individual attention or you wish to go more in depth in any of these areas, you have the choice to also participate in individual therapy.